So far it has been a great Spring. We all came back from the late Winter hiatus straight back to rehearsing for the handful of shows we had coming in May. Joe spent some extra time with his favorite Portland band – Confusatron, helping them re-write the score for Return Of The Jedi for their friend’s birthday party!

Sunrunner also had the great joy of opening for the local legend Covered In Bees during their reunion show! Tremendous fun to share the stage with them and Pigboat.

May has been very busy. The rain and thunderstorms persist as the days get warmer….everything is in bloom now.

For us, we have half of a record finished. The rest of the Spring we will finish writing the rest of the 2nd record. The idea is to start pre-production and record sometime this Summer. O.K. – thanks for reading!

We want to thank everybody that came to Geno’s last Friday night! Especially The Highway, Confusatron and Katrhyn Coccyx with her amazing photography! This concludes our last show of the Winter months. Our next shows will not be until late April, early May which may include a small tour down the East coast, wrapping up promotion for “Eyes Of The Master”.

The rest of the Winter will be dedicated to writing new material and producing demos for the next record. Which is currently scheduled for recording late Spring, early Summer of this year.

March finds Joe traveling back to Arizona (like he does every March) for work and adventure. This time, there is included a pit stop at the Mayan Temples of Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula. (Last time was Guatemala and the Mayan Temples of Tikal).

Frank is working endless hours on his sculptures (check out the link!), as he bathes into his creative soup for the rest of the Winter.

Ted just made the big move to New York and will need some time to get established [somehow he will make regular practices up here in Maine…..teleportation or time travel (we’ve been working on both with a little help from our space friend)]. David….what are you doing? Trying to get some skiing in during this non snowy, mild weathered Winter.

Anyway, we will be listening to and working on these new demos during this ‘break’. Then when we regroup in April, we shall be wiser to this year of 2012 and what it shall reveal to us!!! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!


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