Ahhhhh…..the Sun is back! The Winter seems to be over now and we are feeling the Spring’s warmth for the first time this year. And good timing too. The newest record is done and ready to be released in the next couple of months. We also got a handful of gigs coming up here in New England with the promise of more to come. Its looking like a good year for us !!!

In celebration of our upcoming c.d., as well as the re release of Seth’s 34 year old epic self titled album, both coming out on Minotauro Records, we are going to release a special single!!!

Seth was a Boston based prog rock/ early metal band from the late 70’s through early 80’s (no correlation to the metal band of the same name). Domenic Martignetti, Joe’s father, just happened to be the drummer! Some bands to compare Seth to would be Rush, Sabbath and Zeppelin as well as a wide variety of music. Its no coincidence these are the same bands which have heavily influenced Sunrunner since birth!

Excited for our new relationship with Minotauro Records and the Seth record being brought to light since its original release in 1980, we recorded an old favorite during the last recording session. ‘Race To Olympus’, a song which Sunrunner kept in rotation during their set for the ‘Time In Stone’ shows in 2014. The first time it was played live was as a birthday present for Domenic who had no idea Sunrunner would cover an old Seth tune! The band loved playing it and thought it would be cool to record it someday. Written by Gerry Stafford, as is all Seth tunes, its a pretty epic composition for a short song.

Once again, as with all Sunrunner music, the songs were put together by the mixing wizardry of Jim Martignetti. Along with the song ‘Hull A Fa Levele Hull A Ho’, a traditional gypsy tune, ‘Race To Olympus’ will be released as an online single until the new record is available. This is our way to thank both Minotauro Records for bringing the Sunrunner and Seth worlds together as well as Gerry Stafford for writing some awesome rock n’ roll!!!!

So get your hands on the Seth record available sometime soon in 2015 from Minotauro Records. And our disc should be out in a couple months too!!!!!


HELLO! It has been a while, sorry! To be honest, we are not the best at managing the computer stuff, such as the website. Lots of things have been going on here at the Sunrunner camp however!

This Winter Doug, Joe and Erik Neilson rented a house in downtown Portland. It’s a beautiful old brick house built in the 1850’s that survived one of the great fires which burnt the city to the ground. The basement was converted into the perfect rehearsal space. It was sound proofed so well, and just the right size where basement shows began taking place into the Spring.

Also in this Spring, we began writing new material as we signed a contract to Minotauro Records to release a new disc. We have spent the entire Summer working on album #3. We finished writing it and booked some time in the studio.

As fall began, we booked some time back at Acadia Recording Company once again. We had 2 nights and 2 full days booked early October. This time, Joe’s brother Jimmy came up to do some assisting in the engineering department. Mr. Todd Hutchisen, the tracking wizard, helped us achieve our goal well ahead of schedule! Thanks amigo! We finished recording all the live drums, bass and 3 guitars for the whole album, plus a couple extras halfway through the second full day (all on 2″ reel by the way!). We didn’t even have to go back for the last night.

That is where we stand today! Now that we’re back from the studio with the live foundation complete, we’ll begin laying down tracks at home (solos, acoustics, vocals, some violin and flute and a bit of keys). This new record is our most elaborate yet containing an epic 20 minute piece!!!


Its been about just over a month since the release of ‘Time In Stone’ and we’ve heard a lot of great things so far! 1 thing we wanna mention is that most peoples initial reaction when they see the c.d. is “Woah! Who did the artwork? Its awesome!”. Well, we owe a huge thanks to the local Mainer Mr. Jan Barlow. Thanks buddy!!! The cover really ties the music together. A lot of the times in reviews or whatever, the artist may not get mentioned, so we just wanna give an extra thanks for all the hard work that was put into making the album cover! We couldn’t be happier!

Yep!!! It is finally out and available on bandcamp, itunes, amazon, spotify etc. Select songs on youtube from the single and full length. Don’t be afraid to place an order for the physical copies as well as they should be arriving to us any day now. CHEERS!!!!


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